How to Prevent Eczema Breakouts

How to Prevent Eczema Breakouts

How to Prevent Eczema Breakouts

Winter – a time full of holiday cheer, family gatherings, and good tidings. It’s a joyous time of year that many look forward to, eagerly waiting for the season of gift giving and cooler weather. But for someone with a chronic skin condition, winter also means cold, dry air that can lead to worsening irritation.
For many, the cold season can dry out one’s skin, causing eczema to flare. However, eczema is different for everyone – which means, everyone experiences eczema triggers differently. One day your skin may be clear and free of irritation, the next you may experience a flare-up of redness and itchiness. By recognizing and understanding your triggers, you can help keep your symptoms under control.

Avoid the Cold

As previously stated, weather plays a major part in eczema breakouts. Extreme cold can cause the skin to become too dry, which leads to an increase of itchy, red, and swollen patches of skin. To prevent skin from drying out and cracking, using a moisturizing ointment – such as Byebye Eczema – can help lock in necessary moisture. You can also use a humidifier to add moisture to dry indoor air.

Avoid the Heat

Just as extreme cold can harm your skin, so can extreme heat. Heat and humidity are common eczema triggers. If this is one of your triggers, stay inside air-conditioned rooms. If you must go outside, find cool, shady spots to keep your skin from the harsh sun. When using water, keep it lukewarm so your skin will stay calm after washing your hands and showering. Remember to use moisturizer after exposing yourself to water in order to lock in moisture for your skin.

Watch What You Wear

Clothing made of wool, synthetics (polyester, nylon, rayon), and rough materials can easily trigger an eczema breakout. Loose-fitting clothes made of cotton are far less likely to cause eczema symptoms to flare-up. When purchasing new clothes, make sure to wash them before you wear them. A pre-wash will strip the clothing of any remaining dye residues, chemicals, and other irritants.

Avoid Stress

Although stress does not cause eczema, it can make symptoms worse. During emotionally taxing situations, your body’s hormones can cause inflammation that irritates your skin. To minimize stress, try yoga and deep breathing exercises to help calm your nerves. Make sure to keep at your eczema treatment plan and get plenty of rest.

Careful When Exercising and Sweating

Exercising is a great way to keep active, stay in shape, and is a wonderful way to help reduce stress – a common trigger for eczema symptoms. However, exercising and excess sweat can worsen symptoms. Make sure to take breaks while working out and drink plenty of water. Exercise during cooler times of the day or indoors in air conditioning.

By following these helpful tips, you can help reduce your chance of an eczema flare-up. Despite your best efforts, eczema breakouts will most likely still occur. When you do experience eczema symptoms, have peace of mind knowing there is a safe, natural product that will lessen your irritation. Byebye Eczema by Doctor Developed is a healthy treatment that is safe for daily use. With our Guaranteed Relief Promise, you can feel confident incorporating Byebye Eczema into your eczema treatment plan.

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